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  • How to recover photos from the CRW files?
  • Searching for any CRW recovery software which is compatible on windows?
  • Want to get rid of the "Cannot open...IMG_0063.CR2 because it is the wrong type of file" error? Try CRW recovery software!

As we all know canon products are something which is used by maximum people. We use camera of it camcorders, printers and many more. All of the products have good response but camera and camcorders are more taken and queried. First of all, moving before, onto the canon camera we should understand some major points of it.

Those points are related to the raw formats of digital camera. These raw formats are “Digital negative”. It contains untouched content as it arrived off of the canon camera CMOS and CCD sensor. After pressing the shutter many of the built-in features of camera like white balance, saturation and sharpening can be selected by on to the raw data of personal computer.

When canon digital camera is said then the raw format which comes in mind is CRW. In this data comes directly from CCD detector present in the canon camera. In this, information regarding and condition of picture taken are mentioned. CR2 is also the format of canon digital camera but is applicable for version 2.0. It consists of same condition and information like CRW. CR2 is based on TIFF type of image.

The error message which arrives due to CRW or CR2 corruption is "The file is damage or is a format that cannot be included in the Organizer...", "Cannot open...IMG_0063.CR2 because it is the wrong type of file", 70 - Malfunction related to images has been detected, etc. the pictures stored in the these file are recoverable only with CRW recovery software. Corrupted CR2 recovery is possible to give entire damaged and formatted photos, pictures and images of the files.

CRW recovery software is more over able to recover PSD, PNG, TIFF and JPEG formats of file. Corrupted CR2 recovery has unique technology which guarantees you all lost photos back. It is not costly that anyone could stay away even to buy it in thought. It gives remarkable results and quickly targets the raw formats of the Canon digital camera. As I have told you it can recover all formats supported by canon digital memory card. The CRW and corrupted CR2 recovery is recognized by the entire windows version like XP, 2000, 2007, NT and more. Canon photo recovery of all the raw files are done by this software.

So, regain the canon raw data from canon CRW recovery software